Raah De Maa S01 MX Originals Complete Web Series Download HD MX Player 2020

The series has a sweet story of a family wherein the parents are keen to make their only son, a filmstar and they take him to get blessed from Radhe Maa, soon he gets a new film,
but the son is distracted and his tendencies change to attract the same sex, what happens next forms the crux of the story to be watched and enjoyed.

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Radhe Maa is a humanitarian, who has lent 30 years of her life in serving mankind.
A small town boy named Abhishek has been forced to get into acting profession which he wasn’t interested in just coz a god women predicts that he will become an actor.
The family visits Abhishek uninvited and without any intimation and creates a havoc in Abhishek’s life. This series features the official Radhe maa

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