Pawan & Pooja Season 1 Hindi Complete Full Web Series Download HD MX Player 2020

Pawan & Pooja is a web series produced by MX Player. This web series will launched on 14 February 2020. Deepti Naval, Mahesh Manjrekar, Sharman Joshi, Gul Panag were seen in the pivotal role in the series. This web series is directed by Shaad Ali and Ajay Bhuyan.
Pawan & Pooja is the story of three couples with the same name. All three couples are from different generations. There are complication about the relationship between the three. In this story based on different stage of life. Iss Relationship Mein pyaar zyaada hai ya complications? you will find out in this web series.

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Episode 1: Meet The Couples
The first episode of MX Originals web series Pawan & Pooja starts with the introduction to the three central couples, Pawan Kalra and Pooja Kalra, a middle-class loving couple in their 60s, Pawan Mehra and Pooja Mehra, a Bollywood connected couple in their 40s, and Pawan Shrivastav and Pooja Maheshwari, in their 20s who meet because of Pooja Maheshwari’s social media influencer and fashionista status. How will the three lives change after coming in touch with each other?
The party and the coming together!
Pawan Kalra and his wife Pooja are invited to a party thrown by Pawan’s best friend. Since it is a filmi party, many guests connected with the Indian Film Industry, Bollywood, are also part of the guest list, including Pawan Mehra and his wife Pooja Mehra. Pawan Shrivastav also makes it to the guest list as he is looking for the social media influencer and fashionista Pooja Maheshwari to endorse a brand. As the three couples come together at the filmi party and their lives get intertwined by fate or coincidence. Catch Pawan & Pooja web show latest episode video on MX Player and see what roller coaster ride awaits the three couples.
Episode 2: No More Regrets
After the party, Pawan Kalra is dealt with the shocking news of his best friend’s sudden death, forcing him to self-introspect about his own life. Upon realizing that life is unpredictable and can end at any time, he decides that he does not want to have any regrets in his life. He makes a list of things he wants to accomplish so that there are no regrets, with the help of his wife Pooja. Where will this ‘No Regrets’ list lead him?
The Swinging and The Living Together!
After the party, Pawan and Pooja Mehra are forced to think about their married life and the complications they face in it. They start comparing their married life to their peers and while Pawan decides to make his peace with it calling it routine, Pooja decides to bring some excitement in their life by suggesting they swing with other couples. Meanwhile, Pawan Shrivastav and Pooja Maheshwari run into a top talent manager, Vishal Saxena, who hires them to be a part of a live streaming based reality show which makes the awkward couple to live-in together.
Episode 3: Attached
Pawan and Pooja Kalra start working through their ‘No Regrets’ list in the funniest manner they can come up with. While going through the list, Pawan starts wondering about his son and if he did the right thing in her personal life by breaking a girl’s heart, for whatever reason. While pondering that very question, Pooja starts to think about her own past. Meanwhile, Pawan Mehra and Pooja Mehra are called to the school that their child attends. What are the doubts Pawan Kalra is having? What is the reason for which Pawan and Pooja Mehra are called to the school?
The Embarrassment and The Confrontation!
After Pawan Mehra and his wife Pooja, are called to the school for a PTA meeting, they end up facing embarrassment and Pooja Mehra lashes out at her husband. After facing Pooja’s anger along with the previously discussed idea of swinging, Pawan Mehra ends up cheating on his wife. Meanwhile, Pawan Shrivastav and Pooja Maheshwari start living together revealing some intimate details of each other’s lives. Pawan’s closeness with his family starts bugging Pooja as she has never had that kind of closeness with her family and she ends up having a confrontation with her family over the same. What will happen to Pawan and Pooja Mehra after his cheating? What is Pooja Maheshwari hoping to achieve with her family?
Episode 4: Who Do You Love?
Pawan Kalra and Pooja Kalra are busy checking their ‘No Regrets’ list and one of Pooja’s things comes up on the list. To check off Pooja Kalra’s regret off the list, the elderly couple decide to take a road trip to Sula Vineyards. Complications come up during their road trip when Pawan Kalra’s prostate starts acting up and Pooja makes a suggestion to him which makes him lose his cool. Meanwhile, after Pawan Mehra’s act of adultery, he and Pooja Mehra decide to actively indulge in swinging and start looking for other sexual partners. What will happen between the loving elderly couple during their road trip? Will Pawan and Pooja Mehra’s swinging improve their married life?
The Story of The Firsts!
After deciding to actively swing with other people and couples, Pawan and Pooja Mehra set out to look for the thing they feel is missing from their married life. However, to save face and not feel like a loser, Pawan Mehra decides to hide the details of his first failed attempt at swinging. Meanwhile, after living-in together and getting closer to each other, Pawan Shrivastav and Pooja Maheshwari engage in physical intimacy and Pawan loses his virginity to Pooja, only to discover a shocking piece of information later. What happens between Pawan and Pooja Mehra when they go out looking for other partners? What is the shocking detail that Pawan Shrivastav finds out about Pooja Maheshwari?
Episode 5: What’s Your Secret?
While at Sula Vineyards to check off Pooja Kalra’s item from the ‘No Regrets’ list, Pawan Kalra introduces her to a young hotel manager at Sula, Mehak. While an unsuspecting Pooja takes an instant shining to the young manager Mehak, she gets a huge shock after an outrageous secret about Mehak is revealed. Meanwhile, Pooja Mehra gets tired of the swinging and gets the feeling that her married life was where she was at peace, and decides to go back to Pawan Mehra to give their marriage another chance. What is the huge secret about Mehak that is revealed to Pooja Kalra? How will it affect her life with Pawan Kalra? Will Pawan Mehra accept Pooja back after she was the one who initiated the idea of swinging?
The Apology and The Revenge Plan!
After realizing her mistake of proposing the idea of swinging, Pooja Mehra returns to her husband Pawan Mehra and apologizes to him for suggesting an idea as stupid as swinging to save their marriage. On the other end, Pawan Shrivastav and Pooja Maheshwari are miffed with Vishal Saxena for playing around with them and decide to get back at him. In order to take fitting revenge from Vishal, they both plan to orchestrate an elaborate con trying to get him in trouble. Will Pawan and Pooja Mehra be able to save their marriage and reconcile their differences? Will Pawan Shrivastav and Pooja Maheshwari be successful in their con against Vishal or will Vishal earn about it and get back at them?
Episode 6: Unhappy Anniversary
In this episode of Pawan and Pooja, Pooja Kalra meets with her sister Neerja. Neerja learns about Pooja’s confrontation with Mehak. She warns Pooja not to engage with Mehak as it might have consequences that she is not ready to face. On the other hand, Pawan Mehra is shocked to see that someone he knows has been exposed in public for swinging actively. This news does not go down well with Pawan and he gets nervous knowing about it.
See realities hit hard to the couples in the latest episode of Pawan & Pooja
As Pooja Maheshwari has troubles with her family, Pawan Srivastav stands up for her and confronts her family. He expects Pooja to appreciate him in return and applaud his courage and care, but instead, he gets upset when he realizes that Pooja and her life revolves around the social network. Pawan realizes that Pooja would not value or appreciate any gestures till the time it is not done online. Will this harsh reality change Pawan’s feelings towards Pooja? Will the public scandal of his friend motivate Pawan Mehra to rethink on the decisions he took? Will Pooja Kalra listen to her sister and take a step back from the Mehak situation?
Episode 7: Heartbreakers
Pawan Kalra pulls a prank on his wife Pooja. Raj helps Pawan in the prank. In the process of the prank, Pooja is shocked to see an unexpected guest in her home. Pooja is not pleased to see the guest and thus acts distant. Will Pooja be able to stand the guest? With secrets out and real intentions in place, how will the Kalras handle this twist in the tale?
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The Mehras get into a nasty argument at home. One thing leads to another and Pooja and Pawan confess their true feelings towards each other and face their troubled marriage as it stares right in their faces. Will the revelations be an end for the Mehras? While they address their differences, as a part of their show, Pawan Srivastav has to deal with a difficult situation. On Vishal’s advice, Raool, Pooja’s ex-boyfriend comes to live with her and Pawan in their house. Obviously, this makes Pawan uncomfortable, but will he tell Pooja about this?
Episode 8: Once A Cheater
In this dramatic and suspenseful episode, as Pooja Kalra is uncomfortable with the presence of Mehak in her house, Pawan’s behavior towards Mehak bothers her more. Things get even more complex when Pawan offers Mehak to stay over at their home. How will Pooja react to this? On the other hand, after finally knowing how they really feel about each, Pawan Mehra asks his wife, Pooja to give their relationship a second chance. Pawan pleads to her to make things better but just as he thought fate is on his side, the couple makes a trip to Kamini’s house things turn worse.
It’s complicated for the couples in the Pawan & Pooja Episode 8 on MX Player
For the show, Raool is living with Pooja Maheshwari and Pawan Srivastav. Since Pooja and Raool were lovers in the past, Pooja’s closeness with Raool makes Pawan uncomfortable. Pawan directs confronts Pooja and asks if she harbors feelings for her old flame. What will Pooja reply? Is this confrontation good for their relationship? Watch the Pawan & Pooja full video episode to know what happens next.
Episode 9: A Last Chance
In this episode of Pawan & Pooja, Mehak finally leaves the Kalras and moves out. Pooja confesses to Pawan how she really feels about the regret list. Pooja rejects Pawan’s requests from the regret list and the couple gets into an argument. Meanwhile, Pawan Mehra’s father asks Pooja to give her marriage one more chance and reconcile with Pawan, as he has just lost his film. What will Pooja do?
Catch the Pawan & Pooja story, full episodes and cast online on MX Player
After doing everything for Pooja Maheshwari, Pawan Srivastav finally realizes that his relationship with Pooja is not real. He comes to know that Pooja does not value and respect any of his actions and so to cope with this discovery, he decides to put an end to it. Is their relationship over? What is Pawan planning?
Episode 10: When Love Hurts
In the last episode of the web series Pawan & Pooja, Mehak and Raj set out to look for missing Pawan. In the middle of their search, they come to know that someone named Pawan has committed suicide. How will Pooja receive this news?

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