Parinda (1989)

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Story :

Parinda (1989) : Orphaned at a very young age, Kishen and Karan, long for a home, a meal and a soft bed in sleep in. Instead they face starvation, are frequently molested, and end up living on the footpaths of Charni Road, Bombay. Then Kishen meets with a gangster named Anna, and goes to work for him. His first job: Snatch a man’s handbag – which he carries out successfully. In this way Kishen is able to feed himself and Karan. He does not want Karan to be involved in any shady dealings, and gets him to go to school, study, and eventually travel to the United States for further education. Years later Karan completes his studies and returns home. He is met by Kishen, and together they make plans to travel to Delhi and then to Poona to meet Karan’s sweetheart, Paro. But Karan wants to meet with Paro’s brother, Inspector Prakash, and both agree to meet at a venue near Dadar Railway Station – a place where pigeons gather together and are fed by passer-bays. They are indeed happy to see other, but their joy is short-lived as Prakash is gunned down by three men, and killed. Shocked, Karan wants to identify the killers and get them arrested, but runs into brick walls. When Paro returns, he goes to meet her and re-kindle their romance, but she shuns him. It is then that he finds out that he was a mere pawn in the very well planned assassination of Prakash, and amongst the planner of this dastardly deed is none other than his very own brother – Kishen.

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