Naked Season 1 MX Original WEB Series All Episodes Download HD MX Player 2020

Naked is a murder mystery thriller revolving around a cop, Suraj Kadam, whose picture-perfect life is turned upside down when he takes over a seemingly open-and-shut case. Suraj was a prodigal son whose parents were proud of him. A cop by profession, Suraj was revered by both peers and superiors. He was the go-to guy for friends who came to him for help and favors.

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His love life was culminating in marriage. He was in love with Simmi, a girl from his neighborhood. And now with both families agreeing, they were getting ready to marry each other. Suraj was basking in the joys of a happy, settled life, and had no idea that in the coming days, his life would be eclipsed.
Naked web series’ premiere episode begins with a man Suraj Kadam in a sinister dream, a nightmare in all probability. He sees himself in the mirror, instructing himself to wear slippers while a girl forcefully injects a syringe in his body. Next morning, the man visits his doctor who also happens to have saved him in the past. The man is a police officer who begins to narrate his story of how his life went from being perfect to in shambles.
The man Suraj, in a flashback, is shown spending quality time with his beautiful girlfriend Simmi. He soon gets called to a crime spot where a hotelier Rishabh Mehta is murdered. Another person present in the lavish home is Natasha Kamra, a superstar of the adult entertainment industry. The cop wants to take her statement but her lawyer tries to persuade him otherwise.
Sapna Biswas from CID is also entrusted with the task of solving this case with the cop. Sapna and the cop visit the morgue and get their hands on more details about how Rishabh was killed. Later, a CCTV footage reveals a masked man entering the deceased’s residential premises. Suraj’s friends are busy teasing him that he would not get to work with such a good-looking suspect, Natasha. Just then, Natasha enters and justifies it is this very treatment to an adult movie star that deterred her from visiting the police station.
Suraj tells her he’d record her statement at her home. Natasha is the only one who was present at the time of Rishabh’s murder. Are things as simple as they seem? What is the connection between Suraj’s nightmare and the case?
MX Originals, the one platform which never gives up on the idea of enthralling and entertaining its audiences with new shows, new stories and new out of the box ideas. One of such new shows that MX Player is coming up with is Naked, a murder plot with the culprit being a very sensual lady.
Produced by the opopular Hindi thriller movies hit personality, Vikram Bhatt, the director of the series is none other than the talented Anupam Santosh Saroj. Featuring Aryaman Seth, Tithi Raj and Suparna Moitra in the lead roles, the story revolves around Natasha Kamra, whose boyfriend has just been found dead. And at the time of death, she had been found under the influence of heavy drugs.
CBI has taken over the case and Suraj Kadam, being played by Aryaman Seth, is helping the CBI collect and sort the evidence, all of which point towards Natasha being the murderer. But then something changes, Natasha and Suraj become friends, and Suraj sets out on the mission to help Natasha free from the charges, putting his own life at risk. Stream the full latest web show Naked for free on MX Player!

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