Main Azaad Hoon (1989)

Main Azaad Hoon (1989) Movie Free Download / Online Watch

The Main Azaad Hoon (1989) Movie Online Watch – Free Download

Story :

Main Azaad Hoon (1989) Movie: A newspaper reporter exploits an ordinary man for few rupees to pose as a man who is fighting against the corrupt politicians and prints imaginary stories in his name to improve the circulation of her newspaper. People take him for real and he becomes a powerful leader of a poor man. One day the paper prints a letter in his name that he is going to end his life-fighting corruption. This puts the ordinary man in a fix. He knows that at this juncture he can’t refute the accuracy of all those stories. He also realizes that he is the sole hope of millions. Finally, he buckles under moral pressure and jumps from an incomplete multi-storied building and ends his life.

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