Khushfehmiyaan (2019) Hindi Season 1 Complete

Khushfehmiyaan (2019) Hindi Season 1 Complete – Free Download / Online Watch

Story :

A Journey in time to reconciliation, friendship and happiness, Peter Braganza and his three “adopted cooks” who are best friends and the popular chefs of Peter’s Café in Goa. Fiercely committed to each other, their friendships are torn asunder as they compete for the hand of Peter’s genetic daughter Carol, who returns from Russia to take care of Peter. Their rivalry results in their leaving Peters Café and Peter and they make their way to other cities to be on their own. When Peter dies, they come for the funeral, each boasting of their success, but feeling hollow inside. The series is the story of their coming to terms with themselves, rediscovering their identity as Peter’s Chefs and most loved souls, and rediscovering their brotherly love for each other.

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