Karmbhoomi Season 1 Hindi Complete Full Web Series Download HD MX Player 2020

Karmbhoomi is youth series showcasing the power, perseverance and passion amongst the youngsters of today.

In the first episode of Karmbhoomi, you meet the leaders – Anukriti Singh, Kiara Oberoi and others. Watch their unique stories. Their journey towards success. Their lives in the Karmbhoomi University.

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In the second episode of Karmbhoomi, the Karmbhoomi Leaders face a new challenge with the entry of a new student.

Anukriti finds a creative method to fight back against her wrongful rustication and the other leaders are showing constant support. At same time Kiara has some tricks up her sleeve which could save the day!

Sunaina’s truth is out and the Dean has prepared her court-martial, what will be the result of his judgment?

Big changes have arrived in Karmbhoomi, with the Dean’s new tyrannical rules and Education Secretary, Mr.Agnihotri as their enemy, the Karmbhoomi Leaders are taking a day off from the college drama and enjoying a day out .. until it takes a U-turn!

The Leaders have found an innovative method to fight the Dean and prevent rustication, will they finally succeed?

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