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The rules of parenting have changed. Every mother has her own strategy and some have their own game, with only one aim – to be the best of the best. Step into this #Mentalhood.

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Love is a feeling. Breakup is an emotion. Get set for a blast from the past along with this series of split stories.

Language: Hindi

Genre: Romance, Drama, Web Series, Dubbed

Year: 2020

Episode 1: Hiding Our Past Can Break Our Relationship

A Mumbai based escort, Sruthika Lasya changes her personality once the racket is gotten and moves away to Hyderabad. There she starts another existence with Pritam, a product engineer, concealing ceaselessly her past. The story alternates to come to the climax.

Episode 2: Trust Issues Can Break A Relationship

The scene is set up in a provincial town background and is a story between Rohini Meenakshi, a house spouse and Ranga Madhava, an auto driver. The contention begins when Ranga sees Rohini speaking sick about her significant other and the trust issues come into play.

Episode 3: Priorities Matter

A tale about a significant distance connection between an autonomous business visionary and an over possessive cartoonist.

Episode 4: External Factors Can Break A Relationship

The story is about how outside variables assume a significant function in breaking a relationship. This story is set up in a crude and natural spot in the middle of a blossom seller, Kinnera Vanaja and a staple dealer, Shiva Dinesh.

Episode 5: Past Emotions Can Break A Relationship

The story is about an enthusiastic author as she follows a heart broken person through the assistance of a book that he distributed and becomes hopelessly enamored with him as the story continues.

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