Humraaz (2002)

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Story :

Humraaz (2002): A wealthy industrialist and businessman named Raj Singhania live in Bombay, India. He reaches up with a music band in which Karan Malhotra is the leader and Priya is his right-hand and sweetheart. Karan finds that it is not easy to achieve one’s merit. A contract made between the two for his band to sing on a crusade for Raj. He agrees to do so and later on conspire with his girlfriend Priya to take over Raj vast estate by setting up his girlfriend to marry Raj fakely. On a chance encounter, one day Raj and Priya both meet, whereby Raj falls head over heels in love with Priya. And later on, they both got engaged. Raj carries Priya and introduces her to his entire family where a date for the marriage between the two is set. And later on, finalized. On his wedding night, Priya speaks to Raj about she must remain a virgin until one month and he agrees to do so, unknown to him that it is a conspiracy by Karan and Priya. After a few days, Priya decides to break plans with Karan releasing what is husband and wife which leads to the destruction of both Raj and Priya by Karan. But, after learning the truth between Karan and Priya, Raj and Karan had a scuffle which leads to the death of Karan and unites the married couple for years to come.

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