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Lovelorn college guy Aakash has been friendzoned – again! Neha, who he’s been pining for for a while, broke up, immediately went on the rebound, and is now with the charming Vishal.Having seen Aakash’s patterns one too many times, his dad, Mohan decides that it’s time to intervene, much to Aakash, and his mother Sunaina’s chagrin.
The parents invite themselves to Vishal’s party where the family meets Ritu, Vishal’s friend, who’s been friend-zoned by him the way Aakash has been.

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The four band together and decide that they’re going to undertake a proper mission to set this complicated love square in order – With guidance from self-appointed expert Mohan, Ritu is going to be the boyfriend chor, while Aakash will finally become the girlfriend chor Mohan can be proud of.
25-year-old AAKASH is too late!
Aakash’s life goes for a toss – before he can propose to her, NEHA is on the rebound and has already found a new boyfriend VISHAL. Aakash’s dad (MOHAN), a tuition teacher, finds out and has a family meeting to address the emergency. Disappointed with his son’s passive dating approach, he suggests a crazy plan – to become a girlfriend chor and break up the new couple.
Aakash and his mom (SUNAINA) resist Mohan’s mad plan till they meet RITU at a party, a feisty girl who is very much in love with Vishal. Mohan invites Ritu home and she is all in for being a boyfriend chor. Aakash reluctantly agrees.
The four form a team to break up the rebound of Neha and Vishal.

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