Dollhouse Diaries Download HD MX Player 2020

Set against the backdrop of psychological manipulation, this series is based on a sweet Mythili who is seeking revenge from her sociopath husband for making her life a living hell.

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Amit bhargav and Shruti ramachandran done a wonderful acting through out the season, Especially Amit bhargav’s acting is masterpiece.

Many times you come across a person who has manipulated you psychologically. Dollhouse Diaries is based on such a true phenomenon where a narcissistic person in a relationship manipulates the partner and makes his/her life hell.

This Tamil mini-series features actors Amit Bhargav and Shruti Ramachandran as husband and wife and their tumultuous relationship.

Amit plays the man who psychologically harasses his wife played by Shruti and how her life becomes a living hell. Watch Dollhouse Diaries online now.

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