Dastan (1950)

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Story :

Dastan (1950) Movie: Indira (Suraiya) is an orphan who brought up strict and uprighteous Rani (Veena). Indira grows up to be a beauty and is sought by three suitors Raj (Raj Kapoor), Kundan (Al Nasir), and Ramesh (Suresh). Rani does not like Indira to marry into her family as both Raj and Kundan are her brothers, and she wants Indira to marry Ramesh, and as such arranges a meeting with Ramesh’s mom (Pratima Devi) and finalizes the marriage. Indira does not appreciate this and refuses to marry Ramesh. Raj speaks of his love with Rani, and Rani warns him that Indira is to marry Ramesh, but also has an on-going affair with his brother Kundan. Who does Indira really love? Will she ever marry her dream man?

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