Bhootiyagiri Season 3 Hindi WEB Series On MX Player Download HD 2020

Bhootiyagiri is a horror-Drama-Comedy series. Dilawar Rana, is known for his sharp business acumen, so much so that the place he was last sent to, a jail, now functions as a successful startup selling papads and the emotional stories of convicts reform.
But little did he know, that this very skill of his will put him onto a task and a world he isn’t ready for. To stay out of Jail, a condition is thrust upon him, to run a hotel successfully that no one wants to visit. The catch? The hotel is haunted, and is also the source of Dilawar’s social anxiety disorder that was imbibed in him as a child.

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Suddenly thrust into this position, Dilawar teams up with Mallika and Kash but still struggles to make the hotel work despite his efforts. He also doesn’t accept the place is haunted and logically quashes any presence of the spirits. Until, he decides to use it to his advantage.
He rebrands his hotel as Officially haunted, and soon his hotel is a success. But fresh horrors and threats await him. He must battle the horrors outside and the one inside, or else head back to the jail.
Watch the Official Bhootiyagiri Web Series Online on MX Player MX Player brings to you yet another engaging web series, Official Bhootiyagiri. In its third chapter, CEO Dilawar Rana tries to clear his image of a fraudster and rise to success once again to prove to the world that he is indeed a man with good business acumen.
Directed by Vishwajoy Mukherjee, Official Bhootiyagiri is a comedy, horror drama web series that is sure to tickle your funny bones while keeping you glued to the screen waiting in anticipation as to what happens next in the story.

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