Bhadkhau (2019) Hindi Season 1 Complete

Bhadkhau (2019) Hindi Season 1 Complete – Free Download / Online Watch

Story :

After Santya’s Wedding he is very excited for his honeymoon night.

On that night his family received an envelope as a wedding gift which had a Rs 500 currency note.

Later they noticed that the currency note was torn in the center and had something written on it.

After looking closely at the currency they find BHADKHAU written. By this Incident the whole family was in trouble.

Santya’s honeymoon gets postponed because of this. Can Santya find the main Culprit…. “BHADKHAU”..?

Bhadkhau Meaning Bhadkhau Meaning In Hindi Bhadkhau Meaning In Marathi Bhadkhau Means

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