Beyond Breakup Download HD MX Player 2020

Is a story of a couple, Varun (a software engineer) and Shanti (a baker) who are in their mid twenties, living in Hyderabad and very much in love. Their relation takes a toll when Varun out of nowhere comes up with a weird concept called ‘Breakup Agreement’. Shanti is appalled at this concept but realizes that situation is out of control. After much deliberation, they decide to take a break for 30 days to reassess their relationship. Can they put their egos aside and get back together?

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Set in urban India, the story focuses on the lives of a young couple of Varun, who is a software engineer, and Shanti who is a baker. But their happy relationship turns sour when Varun comes with the concept of a breakup agreement.

Baffled Shanti tries to convince him about his decision but the argument soon heats up and they decide to part ways. Watch Beyond Breakup online to enjoy this beautiful love story.

As the two decide to part ways, they go and meet Babai who is a guide for both of them. Babai then asks them to take a month-long break to see what happens after that. What will happen next? Will they get back after the break? Or will they part ways forever? Watch Beyond Breakup all episodes now to find out.

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