A Simple Murder Season 1 Download HD SonyLiv WEB Series 2020

A Simple Murder is a Indian Hindi Black Comedy web Series for Sony Liv. Starring Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Sushant Singh, Amit Sial and Priya Anand.

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This series features actor Mohd Zeeshan Ayyub who plays Manish in the series. He is assigned to kill someone. However, a goof-up happens and he kills the wrong person, who is Amit Sial’s girlfriend. This leads to an onset of troubles for Manish as Amit Sial wants to avenge his girlfriend’s death.
User Reviews 1 – I won’t say it’s well written but the outstanding cast with interesting characters and the average storyline keeps it going. Although one can clearly see a seperate propaganda about Hindu-Muslim and religion conversion which was totally unnecessary and forcefully imposed over the storyline. The audience nowadays is too clever to look behind the dirty curtains so stop spreading your propaganda and don’t take them for a fool and do what’s your job that is ‘entertainment’. Anyways You already killed more than half the cast so better hire some good writers for season 2.
User Reviews 2 – It all begins with a coincidence leading to a dark comedy of errors! A Simple Murder is a well‑made dark comedy. Crisp dialogues, with a no‑nonsense progression and stupendous acting, makes this series a rib‑tickling delight.
User Reviews 3 – The series was beautifully written with comedy timing ,thriler with evry episodes ….with each Episode there is a twist coming up! And Kudos to The whole cast who have acted To the picture perfect! Excellent and Dark Comedy! MD Ayub wahh

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